Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Touch of Summer in the Midst of Winter

One would not expect to have summer-like weather in January, but Oregon seems blessed to experience a few unusually warm days during the winter, and such was the case last weekend. It was somewhat spontaneous but we decided to throw caution to the wind (or was it we were fed up with the 40-mph winds we've had all week?) and take a Sunday drive to the coast. Lincoln City had spectacular waves and a slight wind (as you can see from the spray blown off the tops of the breakers), but Newport was downright balmy with temperatures in the high-60's. Imagine...people in shorts and January???

It was also a great opportunity to try out my new 10-24mm wide-angle zoom lens, and here are some of the fruits of that day:

Newport, OR commercial boat harbor, with Yaquina Bay Bridge (Hwy 101) in the background

Fishing boats (Newport, OR)

Fishing boat 2 (Newport, OR)

Gems in the water (Lincoln City, OR)

(Some shots are purely accidental and I don't discover the true effect until later, when I view it on the computer. I missed the stars for the reflected sun when I took the picture)

Waves (Lincoln City, OR)

(no, this one was NOT taken with a wide angle, but with a 70-210mm zoom)

Stream flowing towards the ocean (Lincoln City, OR)


gregg said...

nice photos, Paul. I especially like "Fishing Boat 2" with the different textures


Patty said...

okay Paul, you have me 'eating my heart out', awesome pictures.

Aloha Lucy said...

Lovely pictures Paul! We had a couple of beautiful days here in Vancouver, BC also in the month of January. But guess what! Today it is snowing!!

Kathi said...

Paul, The words and photos on your Blog are inspirational to me. I have read and re-read your entries and find myself with you on the beaches, amazed at the color of the flowers, hearing the geese fly above, and sharing moments of joy and sadness. Each one of us sees life through our own eyes so it is truly a blessing to have these sights and experiences expanded and enhanced by yours. Thanks friend! Kathi