Monday, March 9, 2009

Cars...images from the Portland Roadster Show

So here I am, the quintessential car junky...the perennial gearhead...and it is that time of year once again when "they" come to Portland. What am I to do? Why, there is no question, is there? It is the annual Portland Roadster Show and I succumb to the siren call. It comes every year about this time as a harbinger of Springtime, when all of us who have been hibernating for the winter (or at least our cars have been) can finally look forward to warmer weather, when we can pull our valiant mechanical steeds out of their stables and stretch their legs. In the meantime we drool...we ogle...and marvel at the chrome and the horsepower, and wonder how some of these people can afford all of this?? Nevertheless it is fun.

A fifty-something Pontiac. Have you ever noticed how cars so often resemble women? Nuff said.

A little duece coupe with a lot of chrome...and probably a lot more horsepower than my vette.

A 1959 Chevy Impala...always one of my favorites. Notice the "Pacific Wonderland" license plate.

I really liked the paint job on this convertible.

Yet another '32 Duece those hotrods!

A "head on" shot. Another attendee watched me crouch down to take this photograph, then knelt down to see the view himself and was so amazed he told everyone else standing around how cool it was.

The quintessential "woody"

I don't remember what these were, but the shot was just too cool to pass up. They looked like they were ready to launch off the starting line.

Another cool chrome and deep red shot.

Can you guess what car this was? (If you guessed Plymouth Roadrunner, you were right! I won't ask you what clued you in.)

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