Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yet another Farmers' Market?

Yes...I know. Portland has a plethora of fresh produce purveyors, known as Farmers Markets. Today we visit the Montavilla Farmers Market. Why this one? It's really quite's the closest to our house (only 3 blocks away) and I suppose you could say we have a vested interest. Beth serves on the board (and has since it's inception 4 years ago) and I volunteer in helping set up each Sunday morning.

One thing we really like is how this has brought the community together and allowed neighbors to connect on a deeper level than we used to. Let's face it, we find it easier to get in our car, drive somewhere and stay in our comfortable social circles. In times past, the marketplace was where the community met, bought or traded our supplies, and caught up on the gossip around us. Now I cannot speak for the latest dirt on my neighbor...I would hope we've become a little more genteel these days, but armed with my trusty Nikon, I can capture some fun images.

Each week the Market has a chef's demonstration. Kathryn Yeomans, formerly of Nostrana and now (her words) a rogue chef (or was it a road chef? Hmmm, dunno.) is also the Market's Residence Chef who demonstrates and coordinates other cooking demonstrations

Here she is demonstrating how to cut up a chicken as part of making a broth...or something (remember, I take pictures. I clean. I don't cook.) Of course, the thought of someone weilding a knife as deftly as she gives me the motivation to really behave myself!

Another shot of Kathryn

Not all come to the Market to buy produce. Some come just to make a fashion statement.

The freshly-squeezed lemonade stand was very popular today....and truly delicious when mixed with blueberries or raspberries from one of the other vendors

Two of our able volunteers, Dagmar and Audrey.

As is typical for Portland in general, the Market is very dog-friendly...on a leash, of course. Cute little guys, eh?

...and lest you think we discriminate against canines of a larger girth, think again.

Here is a view of SE Stark, the main drag for Montavilla, just east of the Farmers Market, one of many revitalizing neighborhoods in Portland.
Yes there is much more to see, but you will need to find out for yourselves. Each Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, through October, on the corner of SE 76th and Stark.

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