Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

Every once in a while we need to take a walk in the woods. I do, primarily because my spiritual and emotional batteries get charged when I commune with nature...or perhaps its communing with Creation? Regardless of how one wishes to spiritualize it, I benefit greatly during such escapes from our urban world.

One such retreat is the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, located near the intersection of SW Murray Boulevard and TV Highway. Even during the dismal time of late fall, one can find a restorative interlude in suburban Beaverton, not far from downtown Portland.

There are trails that wander through a moss-draped wonderland...

...or alongside a wetland with waterfowl blithely eating, unafraid of those of us passing by.

If one is patient and observant, one can even spot the creature from which Beaverton received its name...and yes, that is indeed a beaver paddling away.

With all the recent rains many of the fallen vegetation become breeding ground for all manner of fungal growth. The ones above are either oyster mushrroms or wood-ear fungus.

These are honey-fungus mushrooms growing on the trunk of a tree.

All the photos are taken with my 70-200mm (f2.8) telephoto zoom, which was the only lens I carried that day...hence few overall views during my little walk. However, each of us sees something different and thus may take an entirely new perspective. I have attached a link for any of you interested in seeing this gem of a park yourself.

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