Sunday, July 17, 2011

Singing in the Rain - The First Montavilla Street Fair

July...the middle of July, and one would think that Portland would finally be ensconced into summer.  One would think that the middle of July would be a wonderful time to have the first Montavilla Street Fair, and that we would saunter down the streets, enjoying various food booths, savoring the visual arts of our local artists and craftspeople, and that we could mingle with our neighbors and listen to good music under sunny skies. 

One would think so....but, this is Portland...and it rained.  Hard.  Yet in true Portland fashion, we enjoyed it anyway.  We closed a couple of streets, set up the tents, wore our boots and slickers, pulled out our umbrellas...and had a great time.
Live music abounded (Stargazie is featured in the photo above, at the 79th Avenue stage)

At left is Schmidt's Body Care Products, one of the many vendors with tents on the street.

Did I mention that it rained? 

Occasionally a tent needed to release some of the rainwater that pooled  in the edges and folds, resulting in a cascade of proportions that would be at home in the mountains or the Columbia River Gorge.  Here Arnon of Bridgetown Forge clears his tent.  Bridgetown Forge makes the best knives, utensils and fabulous artwork, among other things.
Music here is provided by an assortment of artists, again at the 79th Avenue Stage (though the rain forced them to move into the space offered by Portland Garment Factory.  If anyone knows the name of this group, please let me know.)

The lovely and ebullent Nicole of Union Rose, one of the many unique and wonderful shops on SE Stark, where one can find the latest in fashions and accessories.The parking space behind Bipartison Cafe and beside Portland Garment Factory became another space for vendors as well as a beer and wine garden.

 Dancing Earth Massage provided free 5-minute massages.
 Face-painting for kids (and adults too, I suppose) was available.

 Of course, there is an election around the corner, and here we have Mayor Sam Adams on the left speaking with local residents, while Eileen Brady, a candidate for Mayor visits with prospective voters on the right (and no, that is NOT a reflection of their political leanings.  After all, Portland's mayoral race is non-partison.)

Mayor Adams paid a visit to the Montavilla Farmers Market, which formed the western end of the street fair.  Here he is pictured with the Market staff, board members and volunteers.  Yes...he is indeed wearing one of the Market shirts.  Way to go, Sam!

 Mayor Adams having a serious discussion with Gretchen, the Market manager.

 At the 78th Avenue portion of the Street Fair, one could learn all about Zipcar from these lovely ladies.  (If anyone knows their names, please let me know.)

Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady with Chris and Kate Harback.  Kate is the Board Chair for the Montavilla Farmers Market.  Here is a link for Eileen's campaign web site:

Eileen Brady pictured with Beth Kluvers, who is the Board Treasurer for the Montavilla Farmers Market and also sits on the Board of the Montavilla East Tabor Business Association (METBA), who put on the Street Fair.  (Yes, Beth does look a little wet.  We really do have umbrellas at home, and yes, they don't do any good there.)
Salon 419, which is located on SE 81st Avenue, weaves feathers into one's hair.  I thought about it, but I was told I didn't have enough hair to have it done.  I was disappointed. 

 The end result of the feather weave is really quite attractive, as these three lovely young women show.

"But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!"  We also had Shakespeare in the street.  A troupe of actors from Milepost 5 presented a 15-minute dramatization from Romeo and Juliet.  Here Juliet is in the garden, while Romeo watches from a distance.

"Oh swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon that monthly changes in her circled orb..." as Juliet speaks to Romeo.

 Mia sports an ear piece fashioned by her daughter Lilith
METBA Board treasurer Beth Kluvers and Board Chair Dokken Ramsey (who owns Montavilla Wellness Center on SE Stark and 78th Avenue).  Many thanks to them and all of the people who made this first Street Fair so much fun.  

For more information about METBA and the Fair, here is a link:


Salon419 said...

Great post! It was definitely wet out there but tons of fun too!

Dokken said...

Thanks for the pics Paul. That was definitely a day to remember!

PUNCHBridges said...

Amazinf Attitudes by Everyone from planners to participants and the folks who came, neighbors, friends and relations all had smiles and good things to say all day.

Love the Montavilla vibe!

jozien said...

What fun festivals!
lovely to see similarities with our festivals here, like the feathers in the hair, the massage table. I only went to one festival this summer, so i don't know, but i love the way people dress up over there. right on!