Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Market for Fairies and Monsters

Halloween...when the thoughts of children (young and old) turn to "what will I wear?...or perhaps more realistically, "what will I be?" 

This year the Montavilla Farmers Market, as part of its finale for the end of the market season, held a Halloween costume party for the neighborhood children (and yes, many adults indulged their inner child and also came bedecked in costume).  The kids could go to each vendor who would have treats for them.  That's Lilith in the above photo.
Nicolette, a market employee, hisses for the camera.

One is never sure what will happen when two people show up with the same costume.  Fortunately, it looked like the role of hen and rooster was settled quickly.  Erin, the Market's volunteer coordinator is the hen...on the left in case you couldn't tell.

Violeta, another frequent Market volunteer also happens to be "officially sanctioned by Multnomah County Library System as a 'story teller'" (or so says her husband Michael.  She does work for the library) and told stories for the younger children.   

There was also a place for decorating treat bags.  Market volunteer Nancy Jo helps with the coloring.

 Eli and Claire as Luke Skywalker and a butterfly

Chef Jason McCammon helped with letting the kids make ghoulish treats, including "severed fingers" (small weiners wrapped in dough and dipped in ketchup.  Thanks also to Flying Pie Pizza, just down the block, for letting us use their oven to roast the finger treats)

Chef Jason carved this lovely pumpkin just for the market.  Jason also does ice sculptures with a chainsaw, for wedding receptions and other gatherings...if you are interested. 

 This young gnome poses with other gnomes at...yep, you guessed, Little Gnome Farms' stand. 

Remember what I said about kids of all ages?  Here we have what I presume to be..."Peas and Carrots", or Zenger Farms' very own mascot.

 Thomas the Train and his two passengers bears testimony to the ingenuity of their parents. 
Mother and daughter pose for a shot. 

 A young ladybug...but somewhere I recall that the older bugs have more dots?

In addition to the gnomes and fairies, there was the occasional crusading knight.

 One easily associates the Farmers Market with produce, and especially strawberries...though I suspect one won't find too many this late in the season except for this happy one.

When I went to sample one of the "severed fingers", I was quickly asked if I actually helped make one.  Well, no I hadn't, and despite my press credentials they were not going to let have any unless I made here I am.  They were delicious!

What market is complete without a wine purveyor?  King's Raven Winery even had a little skeleton made from cut up plastic milk jugs. 

It was a wonderful wrap-up for the market, and I have to give kudos to all of volunteers and vendors who have made this one of the best farmers markets in the city...and kudos especially to Beth for her organizing this Halloween party.

Yes, I did say this was the end of the season for the Montavilla Farmers market, didn't I?  Actually there will be one more market on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  See you then...and it will probably be too cold for costumes.