Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday Market - A Portland Tradition

Last Saturday was one of those seredipitous days, where I had originally planned to work in the office for a few hours.  A plaintive text message from our neighbor, asking for help in selecting a camera quietly but decidedly changed that...and certainly for the better.  After an hour or so at the photo store, and a freshly-purchased camera in her hand, we headed for town to learn the art of photography.  I am never one to pass up an opportunity for a photo expedition, especially during one of those non-rainy days that are so rare in Portland.

This particular Saturday also happened to be the beginning of the Saturday Market season, where one can wander by stalls of various arts and crafts and jewelry...while being entertained by all manner of musicians, performers and artists...and a host of interesting people.  Our visit wasn't planned, but such is the manner of serendipity.  The photo opportunities were...endless, as you will see.

I call this one Mr Silver.  He stands still as a statue until, at a given moment he comes to life and juggles a pair of glass balls, mesmerizing passers-by.

Not sure what this one is, but he/it sure does blend in nicely...wouldn't you say?

Portland is known for it's bridges, but we also have our fair share of fountains which attract kids even in an early March day.  Yes, I suppose we are all ready for Spring to arrive!

Most of us walk...or drive, or ride our bicycles.  For those of us who prefer not to do any of those, we can ride a pedicab...with a trailer.

Today's entertainment happened to be an Irish-type band who reminded me of Dropkick Murphy.  They were actually pretty good.  The guy in front with the blue shirt was not part of the band (duh!).  He was juggling sticks, and trying to match the band's rhythm.  It wasn't working, but he did capitalize on the band's attention.  It was all part of the atmosphere and fun to watch.

Portland's fashion scene has always been filled with those independent and eclectic sorts who march to a different fashion drum...or in this case, dance to an Irish band.  I like how her hat and pants sorta match.  Also, check out the guy wearing the balloon hat behind her.

...and what market would be complete without a balloon artist?

...or the street preacher reminding us of our sinful nature.  (If you were deafened by the volume of his oratory, you could still read his message.  Perhaps that's his "close-captions for the hard of hearing"?)

If the Irish band or the religious oratory didn't suit your tastes, there is always another musician to add his note to the music of the market.  The guy on the right was looking for anyone who would pose with him and his guitar...for a slight fee, of course.  I like his leather pants.

This one I will call "Art on a Bicycle"

Of course, what visit to the Saturday Market (or Portland for that matter) would be complete without a visit to the famous Voodoo Doughnut Store on Second Street, near Burnside?  Today the line stretched around the corner and down the block.  I'm afraid my own sampling will have to wait for another time. 

And is the proud new owner of a Nikon DSLR.  Congratulations, neighbor girl!

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