Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Gentler Side of Motor City...

Yes...I did promise to show the softer side of Detroit, didn't I?  Some of you will recall reading about shuttered automobile assembly plants, abandoned houses and derelict buildings in my last entry ( Well, here are some aspects of the city that are downright awesome!

The Detroit Zoo has a butterfly exhibit in which the little critters flit about without a care in the world, other than to pay no mind to twitterpated photographers chasing them for that perfect shot.  I cannot say these are perfect, but it was fun and entertaining.  As for what kinds of butterflies...I have no idea (though there is a Monarch in here somewhere), so if any of you happen to know, please email me or add your comments below.

The last two images have a funny story.  Apparently one of the attendants in the room saw me chasing the butterflies with my camera and said I should come to where she was standing.  "Look at these two...they are posing for you."  Indeed they were.  I had to wonder if I were witnessing some sort of mating or courtship ritual.  

The Butterfly Exhibit is in one of the earliest buildings in the Zoo, which was originally formed in 1912.

The Zoo has many more exhibits and wildlife than mere butterflies of course.  Here is a link for more information:

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Anonymous said...

there is beauty in all things...and you captured it wonderfully