Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas sneezed on New York does sound rather crass to think of one "sneezing" on another, yet that is precisely what Christmas is in New York.  One sees entire buildings dedecked with ribbons, lights and all manner of decorations to herald the holiday season, not to mention the store window displays.  Absolutely delightful!

And so it was on our latest NY adventure.  We had already been there twice during the summer months but thus far had missed out on seeing the city in her full seasonal spendor.  All that was missing was snow.

What is New York without Rockefeller Center and its Christmas Tree?  (This was purely a lucky shot, taken while wading through a crowd without really stopping.  I tried looking for Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock...but I think he was getting kicked off an airplane somewhere when we were here.)
 Radio City Music Hall, where we saw the Rockettes. 
 Macy's, with its wooden escalator and giant mailbox for one to send a letter to Santa.
The window displays were truly a wonder to behold.  Most had some form of animation, and those that didn't were simply a splash of beautiful color.

 Remember what I said about bedecked buildings? 
Even when away from the major streets like Broadway or 5th Avenue, store windows still found creative ways to express the holiday cheer, such as these Christian Louboutin shoes.
No matter where one is, one is never far from a famous landmark, such as the Chrysler Building shown above
 This is the Time-Warner Center, with Columbus Circle and Central Park seen through the window.
While strolling through Central Park, we saw this beautiful Cardinal.  Certainly the red color was perfect for Christmas.  I think it was hoping the squirrels would leave something behind.
Despite the glamor and glitz of Fifth Avenue and all the store displays, one can still find simple expressions of the holidays, such as a couple bringing home a small Christmas Tree on the subway.

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